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PassiveĀ Displays

In the world of LCD displays, the technology of STN monochrome display has become very mature. IDS is able to assist our customers to customize STN displays in all kinds of shape, size, resolution and colors, etc. While being highly flexible in design and manufacturing, I can also offer affordable cost and low MOQs. Under the vision of IDS, our STN products also have long product lifecycle, wide temperature tolerance and extended durability. For standard products, the specifications are below.

For all inquiries, please fill out our Custom Passive Display form.
Product CodeTypeTechnologyResolutionGlass TypePolarizer TypeViewing AngleBacklight TypeBacklight ColorView AreaModule SizeTouch Panel
IDSG001GraphicTAB112 x 64FSTNTransflective6HNoneNone33.6 x 22.336.6 x 65.8 x 1.6None
IDSG002GraphicCOG192 x 64FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite104 x 39112 x 50 x 10.3None
IDSG003GraphicCOB122 x 32STN/FSTNRefective/Transflective/
6H/12HLEDPer Selection60.5 x 18.584 x 44 x 10.5None
IDSG004GraphicCOB122 x 32STN/FSTNRefective/Transflective/
6H/12HLEDPer Selection60.5 x 18.565.8 x 27.1 x 4.7None
IDSG005GraphicCOB128 x 64FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite33.6 x 22.336.6 x 65.8 x 1.6None
IDSG006GraphicCOB128 x 64STNTransflective6HLEDYellow-green62 x 4478 x 70 x 10.5None
IDSG007GraphicCOB128 x 64FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite62 x 4478 x 70 x 13None
IDSG008GraphicCOB128 x 64FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite60 x 32.575 x 52.7 x 6.8None
IDSG009GraphicTAB128 x 64FSTNTransflective12HNoneNone54 x 3158 x 54.5 x 1.9None
IDSG010GraphicTAB128 x 64STNTransflective6HNoneNone60 x 3964 x 65.6 x 5.5None
IDSG011GraphicCOG128 x 64STN GrayTransflective6HLEDYellow-green49.6 x 3154.6 x 42.2 x 4.8None
IDSG012GraphicCOG128 x 64FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite45.2 x 2755.2 x 61.8 x 6None
IDSG014GraphicCOG128 x 64STNTransflective12HLEDWhite66.8 x 35.589.7 x 111.7 x 6None
IDSG015GraphicTAB128 x 128FSTNTransflective12HNoneNone30.5 x 32.038.3 x 84.5 x 3.8None
IDSG016GraphicTAB128 x 128FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite54 x 5072 x 105.6 x 5.5None
IDSG017GraphicCOF128 x 128FSTN NegativeTransflective6HLEDWhite32.5 x 3238.3 x 84.5 x 4None
IDSG018GraphicCOF128 x 128FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite54 x 5072 x 105.6 x 5.5None
IDSG021GraphicCOB160 x 80STN GrayTransflective6HLEDWhite72.3 x 37.8100 x 54 x 15.3None
IDSG022GraphicCOF160 x 128FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite51.8 x 40.456.8 x 74.2 x 2.1None
IDSG023GraphicTAB160 x 160FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite60.1 x 6069 x 69.5 x 8.9YES
IDSG024GraphicTAB160 x 240FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite58.9 x 77.870 x 90.5 x 4.8YES
IDSG025GraphicCOB240 x 64STN Transflective6HCCFLWhite132 x 39 180 x 65 x 16None
IDSG027GraphicCOB240 x 128STN Yellow-GreenTransflective6HLEDYellow-green114 x 64144 x 104 x 15None
IDSG029GraphicCOB240 x 128FSTN NegativeTransflective6HLED/CCFLWhite114 x 64144 x 104 x 13.8YES
IDSG030GraphicCOB240 x 128FSTNTransflective6H/12HLED/CCFLWhite114 x 64144 x 104 x 15YES
IDSG031GraphicTAB240 x 160FSTNTransflective6HNoneNone67.6 x 47.588.3 x 59.5 x 9.5YES
IDSG032GraphicCOF240 x 160FSTN Paper WhiteTransflective6HLEDWhite63 x 42.581 x 115.5 x 6.5None
IDSG033GraphicCOB320 x 240STNTransflective6HLED/CCFLWhite122 x 92160 x 109 x 12.5YES
IDSG034GraphicTAB320 x 240FSTNTransflective6HNoneNone81.8 x 6292.2 x 73 x 7.6YES
IDSG035GraphicTAB320 x 240FSTNTransflective6HLEDWhite81.8 x 6292.2 x 73 x 7YES
IDSG036GraphicTAB320 x 240STNTransflective6HLEDWhite81.8 x 6292.2 x 73 x 7YES
IDSG037GraphicTAB320 x 240FSTN NegativeTransflective6HLED/CCFLWhite122 x 92166 x 109 x 7None
IDSC001CharacterCOB8 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite35 x 1558 x 32 x 10None
IDSC002CharacterCOB16 x 1STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite65 x 1480 x 36 x 10None
IDSC003CharacterCOB16 x 1STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite99 x 13122 x 33 x 10.5None
IDSC004CharacterCOB16 x 1STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite120 x 23151 x 40 x 14.7None
IDSC005CharacterCOB16 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite64 x 17.285 x 29.5 x 10None
IDSC006CharacterCOB16 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite64 x 17.280 x 36 x 14.5None
IDSC007CharacterCOB16 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite64 x 17.285 x 36 x 10None
IDSC008CharacterCOB16 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite64 x 17.284 x 44 x 14.5None
IDSC009CharacterCOB16 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite99 x 24122 x 44 x 10.5None
IDSC010CharacterCOB16 x 4STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite61.4 x 2587 x 60 x 14None
IDSC011CharacterCOB20 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite83 x 18.5116 x 37 x 10None
IDSC012CharacterCOB20 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite149 x 23180 x 40 x 9.5None
IDSC013CharacterCOB20 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite147 x 35.2182 x 60 x 14None
IDSC014CharacterCOB20 x 4STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite76 x 25.298 x 60 x 10.5None
IDSC015CharacterCOB20 x 4STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite123 x 42.5146 x 62.5 x 10.5None
IDSC016CharacterCOB24 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite94.5 x 18118 x 36 x 9.5None
IDSC017CharacterCOB40 x 1STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HNoneNone154 x 16.5182 x 33.5 x 10.5None
IDSC018CharacterCOB40 x 2STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite154 x 16.5182 x 33.5 x 10.5None
IDSC019CharacterCOB40 x 4STNRefective/Transflective6H/12HLEDWhite147 x 29.5190 x 54 x 10.5None