Advanced Grade Touchscreen LCDs & Solutions

All-in-One is a next level concept than a controller & interface board. On top of the convenient interfaces that fits different input sources, IDS offers generic metal enclosure for the bundle of display and board. Our customers can easily design their full application equipment and have quick installation.

These enclosures are robust and flexible to install into all kinds of equipment. We offer standard open frame solutions from 7” to 19” right now, and we are also open for customization projects of other sizes.

Combining the resources about LCD and its peripherals over the last 20 years, IDS now provides custom All-In-One integrated display monitor and PCs. Our customers can select any display from the world leading LCD manufacturers to be their own all PC or monitor with different chipset platforms, capacities, cable sets, operating system and interface ports, etc. Standard models are also available. Use the specification selector below to begin your own build.