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New Tech In The World of LCDs

Intelligent Touch

IDS incorporates the latest controller ICs that can differentiate the signals from the contacts by fingers, water, gloves and regular pencils to all of our touch panel product lines.

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Standard IPS Panels

Interactive Display Solutions (IDS) is excited to present our standard lineup of IPS displays. With our business philosophy, all of our IPS displays are industrial grade in terms of reliability, durability and product lifespan.

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Upgrade TN displays to IPS performance

IDS also has been known as a reliable value added service solution provider of TFT displays and operate locally in Irvine, California. We have been providing EnduranceBond, Glare Management, and HEA 2000 laminations, etc.

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Interactive Display Solutions is now ISO 9001

We are proud to announced that IDS is registered under ISO 9001. IDS is now officially recognized by the world class quality standard ISO 9001. We are committed to keep on striving to achieve the best quality processes for our customers. Contact us to find out more.

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