Are you able to use your smart phone with water drops on it? Have you tried to operate it with gloves on? Or have you lost the expensive stylus for your tablet?
Water and gloves have always been challenges in developing applications using projected capacitive touch panels. They interfere or block the detection of the capacitance from human fingers. On top of that, we’ve usually needed to rely on a costly active stylus to do fine writing or drawings.
Interactive Display Solution (IDS) is excited to bring our customers to a new era of intelligent touch panel technology. IDS incorporates the latest controller ICs from EETI and Sitronix to our projected capacitive touch panel products. This new generation of touch panel can differentiate the signals from the contacts by fingers, water, gloves and regular pencils.
With IDS’s total display enhancements and integrations, the developers are able to make the applications that can be used in harsher environments. Please contact us for more product information and to schedule an onsite sample demonstration.


Size: Up to 32″ diagonal Air Gap: Up to 3 mm
EMS: Up to 10 Vrms/m Cover Glass Thickness: Up to 7 mm
Interface: RS232 / USB / I2C Stylus: Active & Passive
Glove Touch: Textile / Leather / Rubber Palm Rejection
Water resistant: Distilled Water / High Temperature Water / Chemical Mixed Water
Automotive & Industrial Grade Certified
Multiple operating system driver supports: Win Embedded / Win CE / Win XP / Win Vista / Win 8 / Win 10 / Mac OSX / Linux Kernel 4.1 or later / Android 2.3 ~ 5.1 / QNX v 5.3 ~ 6.6