As E-Ink is transforming to focus in the e-Paper technology, the production lines of TFT are getting converted one after another. In this month, September 2016, their TFT lines will be all closed.

Interactive Display Solutions (IDS) is pleased to inform our customers that we have access to excessive inventory of the ultra bright (1500 nits) 12.1″ XGA display (PD121XL8) from E-Ink. We are dedicated to provide alternative TFT solutions to our customers, but at the same time, provide opportunities of extending the lifespan of existing design to our customers.

Contact us now to reserve your lots of this renown high quality display.

Outline dimension(WxHxD) 263.5(W)”204(H)”26.63(D)
Display mode SGA
Resolution 1024RGB”768
Gray scale inverse direction 12 o’clock
Pixel Pitch (W x H) 0.240″0.240
Active Area (W x H) 245.76″184.32
Surface treatment AG
Module Weight 918g
Interface Type 20pins LVDS
B/L 28-LED High power
LED 14S”2
BLU Connector Molex 51021-0400 (4pin)
Luminance 1500
Contrast Ratio 800
View Angle(L/R/D/U) 75/75/70/70
Operating Temperature -30 -70
HHOT 60C/90%RH